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We are a Research Chemical Supplier, of Top Quality Research Chemical, 99% Purity. Chemniac Online,  was incorporated in August 2010 with its core function being the importation and distribution of chemical raw materials. The Company grew rapidly within a few years, by not only delivering exceptional service and quality products but also by being the only chemical supplier to offer free technical support to our customers by having on staff full-time Chemists. In doing so we occupy a key position in the local manufacturing sector offering growth opportunities and aiding in the development of the country.

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In 2012 Chemniac Online diversified its operations and the bottling division of the company was established to meet the packaging needs of our chemical customers. We provide a wide range of both PET and HDPE bottles (under the VPAK brand), and closures suitable for the chemical and household chemical sector as well as the food and beverage market and to a lesser extent, the automotive industry.

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