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Research chemicals are also known as designer drugs, highly popular with the younger generation with some used as party drugs. They are highly sourced online as strict laws have brought about scarcity of the drugs.

The number one seller of research chemicals in the USA remains Chemniac. They sell all types of research chemicals and at very cheap prices. These research chemicals include; Etizolam, Alprazolam, Crystal Meth, MDMA, AM-2201, JWH Chemicals, UR-144 and many others.

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How to order Research Chemicals in the USA

With research chemicals becoming very hard to get these days, we give you simple tips on how to order online in the USA. The first thing you want to do is to find a vendor There are many fake sites online so finding a reliable vendor is the hardest thing you might ever face.

After finding a vendor, check reviews online to make sure what they offer is real and of good quality. You can talk to their other customers just to be sure. It is also nice to request a sample before buying bulk quantities. One you are sure of everything go ahead and order research chemicals online.

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Chemniac remains the best supplier of research chemicals in the USA and Europe. They have many routes and boosts a very large client base. You can contact them for supplies or join their forum to chat without other customers before placing your orders.

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How to make Crystal Meth (Methamphetamine)

Learn how to make Crystal Meth (Methamphetamine) from home using very simple ingredients.

You can make a fortune selling Crystal Meth online and but the real money comes if you can manufacture it. We are going to to show you how to make Crystal Meth using very simple ingredients.

Crystal Meth has become very popular, sourced by many because it is cheaper than Heroine and gives a good high. The drug has become so popular, Police are now calling it the New Cocaine.

Getting the drug online is no easy task which is why we decided to give this tutorial on how you can make yours at home.

Before making any drug or chemical, you need raw materials which can also be called requirements:

  1. Acetone, from paint thinner or nail polish remover
  2. Anhydrous ammonia, found in various household cleaners
  3. Sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, which is typically extracted from over-the-counter drain cleaners
  4. Toluene from brake fluid
  5. Phosphorous, extracted from flares, matches, and other substances
  6. Ether or chloroform
  7. Freon from air-conditioning units
  8. Energy drink instead of using over-the-counter medications
  9. Alcohol
  10. Benzene and gasoline
  11. Lithium, which is removed from car batteries

How Crystal Meth (Methamphetamine) is made

It is a 4 step process and goes thus;

  • Ephedrine or pseudoephedrine is combined with ammonia and lithium or iodine and phosphorus.
  • Mixed in with water.
  • A solvent like gasoline is added, and the person extracts the methamphetamine.
  • The mixture is heated by using the acid or some other substance (e.g., gasoline) to crystallize the product.

A detailed tutorial can be found on our YouTube channel or you can contact us for more information.

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Buy Ethylone crystal online

Buy Ethylone crystal online

which is highly popular among young people is most commonly smoked in glass pipes, but it can also be snorted, injected, swallowed, or inserted into the anus or the urethra.

It has a very powerful effect which is highly concentrated, and many users report getting addicted from the first time they use it.

The drug is very difficult to source online and many reports show people getting scammed. Some send money and receive salt while others receive nothing at all.

Finding a reliable supplier of  Ethylone crystal online can be very difficult which is why Chemniac is here for you.

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Chemical supplies quality Ethylone crystal online that will knock you off your feet and give you the high you want. Our product is the best in the market and not mixed with other substances. We care about customer safety and satisfaction which is why we provide the best. Our job is to make sure you buy Crystal Meth online without getting scammed.

We have been successful by exposing fake websites and suppliers who are out to rip people off. You should be wise and avoid these suppliers.

Some Effects of  Ethylone crystal

This part will help you make decisions before taking  Ethylone crystal.

Ethylone crystal is a psycho-stimulant hence boosts the release and stops the reuptake of a neurotransmitter, or brain chemical, called dopamine. In this way, it increases the levels of dopamine in the body.

Dopamine plays an important role in motor function, motivation, reward, and how the brain experiences and interprets pleasure.

The dopamine “rush” in the reward centers of the brain gives the user a sense of euphoria soon after taking the drug.

Taking crystal meth causes dopamine to build up in the brain. This is a common feature of many abused drugs. Abusing crystal meth can lead to considerable changes in brain function.

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Buying Ethylone crystal online has been made easy by Chemniac. They offer speedy delivery which is very discreet and also ship worldwide. Their price is the best in the market and the more you buy, the lower the price.

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Wholesale Supplier of Research Chemicals online

Wholesale Supplier of Research Chemicals online with over 50 routes in 20 countries. Chemniac is an old name in the research chemical business and they have been doing this for over 10 years. They are up to date, with constant research producing new designer drugs that are legal but with similar effects as the old ones.

If you are looking to buy Research chemicals online wholesale, then you are at the right place. Whether in need of 10grams or 100kilos, contact Chemniac.

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A look into Research chemicals

Research chemicals also known as designer drugs are human-made substances created to provide effects that are similar to various psychoactive drugs. They are synthetic or designer drugs made to give the same effects as psychoactive drugs. Most are illegal and need an authorization to purchase.

Most research chemicals are synthetic versions of legitimate research or prescription drugs. Some are also the active ingredient found in other synthetic drugs. Labeling of research chemicals is often misleading as they tend to contain different drug types or doses than what is listed.

While these drugs are called “research chemicals,” they are designed and sold for recreational purposes. They are simply labeled as research chemicals to avoid classification as controlled or illegal substances. Manufacturers often use currently legal chemicals and commonly change the drugs from batch to batch to avoid legal repercussions.

Chemniac is the number one provider of research chemicals in Europe and the USA. They have the cheapest prices and also sell wholesale. The more you buy, the lower the price.

Is Chemniac Research Chemicals legal ?

The research chemicals provided by Chemniac is perfectly legal and can be shipped anywhere in the world without being seized by the customs. With over 10 years of experience, they have been able to make their mark in the clearnet as well as the darknet.

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wholesale suppliers of research chemicals online

Wholesale suppliers of research chemicals online





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Buy Research Chemicals online

Buy research chemicals online from Chemniac the best supplier of psychoactive substances in Europe. Their products include; 2-NMC, 25i-NBOMe, 3-meo-pcp, 3-MMC, 4-CDC, 4-CEC, 4-cl-PVP, 4-CPC, 4-CPrC, 4-EMC, 4-MEC, 4-MPD, 4f-php, 4F-PVP, 4FPV9 and many others.

If you are looking to order research chemicals which are psychoactive drugs that are discovered through experimentation on existing drugs, then contact us.

We also do wholesale delivery of research chemicals worldwide and other specialty products. Our prices are the best and the more you buy, the higher the discount. Prices go as low as $0.06 per gram of chemicals.

What are Research chemicals ?

We will do a small line on research chemicals to better understand how they work and how they are synthesized.

Research chemicals are psychoactive drugs that are discovered by research and experimenting on existing drugs. Also called designer drugs with similar effects as the drug that was originally researched, but with different chemical structure.

It is highly popular among the younger generation with reports of many deaths in the UK. The number of newly reported psychoactive substances in Europe is now higher than ever. In order to evade legal restrictions, old and novel psychoactive substances from medical research and their derivatives are commonly mislabeled as “not for human consumption” and offered for sale on the Internet and elsewhere.

Looking at Psychoactive drugs, it is worth noting that they include four groups of drugs: depressants like alcohol and sleeping pills; stimulants like nicotine and ecstasy; opioids like heroin and pain medications; and hallucinogens like LSD.

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Chemniac remains a leading name in the research chemical business on the darknet and Clearnet. We have over 50 routes with shipping available worldwide. Research to create new and improved chemicals is our specialty. Our prices too are flexible and very good for those who are looking to resell.

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