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AB-PINACA crystal is a compound that was first identified as a component of synthetic cannabis products in Japan in 2012.

It was originally developed by Pfizer in 2009 as an analgesic medication.

AB-PINACA acts as a potent agonist for the CB1 receptor (Ki = 2.87 nM, EC50 = 1.2 nM) and CB2 receptor (Ki = 0.88 nM, EC50 = 2.5 nM) and fully substitutes for ?9-THC in rat discrimination studies, while being 1.5x more potent.

There have been a number of reported cases of deaths and hospitalizations in relation to this synthetic cannabinoid.

AB-PINACA is a synthetic cannabinoid usually sold as a herbal smoking mixture designed to mimic THC, the active chemical of cannabis. Synthetic cannabinoids are classed as ‘New Psychoactive Substances’ (NPS) which are unregulated substances that have become newly available on the market as an alternative to illegal drugs. As a reaction to prohibition, synthetic cannabinoid producers change the compounds found in designer drugs and create new generations of synthetic drugs, such as AB-PINACA. As a result, accidental overdose and severe psychiatric complications may be more likely to occur because the type and amount of active compound may vary considerably from batch to batch. Other effects may include agitation, rapid heart rate, confusion, dizziness and nausea.